Wednesday, December 24, 2008

These are men of honor!!

Just vomiting out my true feelings…
Patriotism flows in our blood but we bloody Indians find it tiresome to stand for 52 seconds when we hear our National Anthem buzzing around lauding our nation’s dignity. So what if it’s the Independence Day, we morons have got another reason to catch up with our companions. So what if our commandoes are putting their lives on stake so as to put off terrorists from setting their hold on the nation, we are getting agitated by the same story telecasted by all the news channels simultaneously for days ahead of the incident and so what if our nation’s achievements would take our interest hell to the astonishment level, we would rather find ourselves more entertained and comforted in listing the problems that we do face and the points on which the country is lagging behind.

No suggestions to be made, no advises to be given out, no expert comments to be passed, just a brand-new Saint Gobain mirror to reflect the reality which definitely bites! We nutty people don’t even find delight in respecting our profession, put aside an entire nation. So, who are the real men of honor? You? Not on the list… Me? Still miles to cover on the road of jingoism… the commandoes/soldiers who have given the word like dignity, pride, patriotism, loyalty, partisanship and poise their true ground to stand upon??
Yes, these are men of honor… indeed!!
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