Sunday, January 15, 2012

If there is anything in the universe that can't stand discussion, let it crack!

When like minds play the game, the output ends up being a mean of their average intelligence, but when unlike minds sit down to conspire, the end result could be something as lethal as hydrogen bomb. That’s what I have chanced upon today. In a way, the experience was enough to light up my days and invoke positivity.

It was kind of a déjà vu; reason – I have always had someone in my thoughts going against my conventional thinking. May be, I found it too low to chew over every time. Though the reason behind the reunion was rather blue, the end result was blessedly amazing. I found someone who is witty and whose wit can bring out the wackiest side of a person out, knowingly or unknowingly. Needless to say, I am happy having met him. 

Here are the droplets of the wisecracks spilled all over:

1.      Why do we have to take all the self-opinionated souls on this planet seriously?

2.      There is nothing wrong in being ‘comfortably religious’… everyone else too is.

3.      There is nothing incorrect in dreaming big too, just study about the bigger picture more! J

4.      A creep’s life sucks — ask a creep. I am sure; he won’t have anything to tell! J

5.      If you’re stuck in the middle, either make your way to the top or life will make sure that you end up cleaning the bottom!

6.      Eye contact shows that you are ready for anything but shit.

7.      Lastly, it’s OK to have an opinion, but the correct knowledge will make you stand out. After all, you got to have a reason for everything that you do, the reason that will make all the difference.

In all, a learning experience, the one which forced opened numerous doors of my mind and let in fresh air of indulgence. J
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