Sunday, June 26, 2011

Do you have a bosom buddy?

The aspect that would drive the next paragraphs would be ‘mysterious deaths’. I know we in India are a bit held back when it comes to talking on this grievous subject (death), but we need to comprehend that at times there is no substitute to what is necessary.

Ideate this, more than 1,000,000,000 people out there inside Indian periphery and yet we find it tough to discover even a single person who could perfectly match to our tunes. Ever tried to figure out what could be the reason?

I’ll help you in unriddling why along with highlighting the fatal consequences this rising endemic has brought along with it. I would call it a social phobia, and trust me, there’s nothing to brag about being a stone introvert.

A modern professional would start his day plugging earphones in his ears, would keep his eyes glued to the computer screen throughout the day and would leave for home once again earplugged. By the time he would reach his home, he is left with no energy to conclude even his daily chores, put aside actually sharing with his family the whole day’s occurrences. So, not just to blame one’s true skin, the general schedule of people today is also constantly driving them into insularity.

The other day while reading newspaper, I noticed few news stating mysterious deaths of people who were so living in a society, yet not were a part of it. They lacked any close friend who could put forward any substantial reason for their deaths. There have been numerous cases like this, e.g., Parveen Babi and millions of others who commit suicide every year. I lost one of the acquaintances this way and I so wish I was her close friend because I believe I could have saved her. There might be many incidents happening in our day-to-day life, but it is utmost essential to pour them down your close friend, no matter who that person is.

Your bosom buddy can be anyone – your daughter, boyfriend, spouse, granny, next doors or even your blog. This would not only make you feel light every day having thrown all the secrets down your bosom buddy but would also make you feel cheerful and light, as that person would obviously listen to your experiences, thereby mixing them with insightful inputs of his wisdom and experience and would make you grow and learn with every happening in your life.

In addition, that person would be thorough with the stuff happening in your life, keep a watch on your actions and to an extent, control them as well. Put it this way, if, god forbids, you end up being a part of any mishap tomorrow, your close friend can convey to the world the possible reasons of the outcome, keeping in mind the series of events taking place in your past.

So, my sincere request to everyone who checks this post, do make a close friend or a friend close, and if you already have one, give him/her a polar bear hug.

It’s indeed lovely to have friends, experience them!
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