Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Too Often to Notice

There’s some effort it demands – self-love is never easy. There she goes, loving herself to perfection. There’s so much to look after, after all. The hair, the skin, the teeth, the nails… the list never ends. If done continually, self-love seeps into one’s lifestyle to become a habit and there you go, practicing this as a mundane task to the extent that you hate any aberrations from what you termed as ‘perfect’.

She was a goddess to an onlooker, a masterpiece, someone who was just flawless the way she was. It was hard to take eyes off her, her looks and her style was too ideal to be true. For herself, she had forgotten how amazing she looked. She seldom realized what impact she had on the people she worked with. The goddess that she was not just made hundreds turn heads for a second glance, but also made several skip their heartbeats when she giggled. The fragrance she wore added magnetism to her aura, almost like giving her mysterious powers. THIS man who she lived with had to be the luckiest for getting her for life. He couldn’t have complimented her enough, for his appreciation would have been the real fuel to her smile.

Snap out of this to another land of male charmers. This boy here could well be touted as the dream man for any girl. It seemed as if God had taken a few days off work to sculpt his physique. He, honoring the blessing he had received, took special care in building his body, presenting it the way it was meant to be. He redefined masculinity, giving a fresh benchmark to millions of women to look up to in a male. He didn’t know how women around her sighed imagining him around them, all alone. He, indeed, put in great efforts to keep his best traits up. He was someone, who would be a pleasure to look at, let alone the thought of having him over you. THIS woman who has his to keep should have been forever grateful to him for have chosen her over others. She would have sung praises, cherished him forever and pampered him to happiness.

Alas, we see these diamonds we live with every day, but we see them too often to notice their charm, their sparkle. What if we get to know that our souls are like those tiny plants, vying for love and appreciation? What if we saw that the auras shone brighter when they were caressed and treasured? What if every day was not treated as ‘ordinary’? Woah!

Hold that special person close, praise them for what more or little they do, pamper them with what they love the most, notice their quirks and manners and give an ear to what they say. You never know, this might just change your equation with love forever!  

Sunday, June 17, 2018

I will pass through this, O Lord

I will pass through this, O Lord, 
I will play along all through.
I will stay strong and smile,
Never surrender, repent or rue.

I will pass through this, O Lord,
For I look forward to what this will lead to.
I will stand through the storm,
For I know there’s a lot still left to do.

I will pass through this, O Lord,
For I trust in your game plan.
I will stay determined and focused,
As I know I will and I can.

I will pass through this, O Lord,
I know I am your favorite child.
Seldom would you let your fans down,
let alone testing a Godchild.

I will pass through this, O Lord,
for while you look at the bigger picture,
I get anxious, jittery and what not,
Narrowing my vision to pixels.

I will pass through this, O Lord,
For patience and perseverance are my virtues to possess,
And I know I am in safe hands,
while you carry me through stress,

I will pass through this, O Lord,
For I’ve heard your best warriors last the longest,
Diamonds are a result of tough times,
Turmoil, pressure and pain at their best.

I will pass through this, O Lord,
Because I know I am made for big things,
And while ordinary living is easy,
Your love for me will be the wind beneath my wings!

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