Monday, March 2, 2015

The Art of Detachment

They say every person you meet is going to teach you a lesson – good or bad – for he would not only leave his impression on you, but much beyond that an impact which would somewhere, even if a bit, change the way you see the world.

The change, no matter how unwelcoming, would appear superficial, if you wouldn’t let it sink in, and sneak away without even letting you know. But there are going to be a few disheartening ones. You would not even want to turn back the pages of your life, would instead skip those chapters, so you don’t end up chewing over the things that happened, were said or got done. Even if you do, it would only match churning of some tasteless cud in your mind you would merely want to spit off.

People – they have that kind of impact on you, and how! I have heard this is apparently the most talked about topic around the globe. People. We have the power to transfer our vibes onto others, the magnetic aura we bear has an immense power to reverse all positivity into absolute negativity or vice versa. Our vibes, in a way, speak out our mind for us. So, you would surely get to know if people hate you inside even if they never say a word regarding this on your face.

Ever wondered how wonderful it would be, if we, having understood how getting in touch with people affects us psychologically, emotionally and socially, learn the art of detachment? First rule, however, of detachment game would be never going back to the same phase of your life, shuffling Rubik’s cube, testing out perms and combos while pondering on ifs and buts. A stage of complete cut off would initially seem tough, but that’s all in how you cajole your mind into thinking about other more interesting stuff.  

If you’re lucky, there will be moments when all the negative elements around you would voluntarily buzz off. Stop for a moment to thank them all, for the Satan inside them has finally spared you off its wrath. The ones who are nothing but pile on’s could be shown, very politely, the way to the exit through your actions. You never know, your vibes might as well knock the socks off their negatives.

Detaching would never come easy, for your mind would always want to hop off into the negative mode, thinking how alone/lonely it feels because of the people who didn’t care, but, on a brighter side, detachment would always open new doors of fresher possibilities for you, leading you into a brighter, independent path where you would find yourself happier in absence of all such creeps.
Detachment, I am sure, would bring along a thousand reasons for you to thank God for a blessed life you never knew existed in store for you. After all, we are surely not weak to blame people for how we feel – we know Karma is a bitch and surely that detachment would bring along great satisfaction of leaving everything to the stars and moving ahead with the things that matter!
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