Thursday, August 15, 2013


I have grown up listening to numerous stories my mom has been telling me about the things she used to do, things she expected and things she never thought she would experience when my dad sadly stayed away for weeks or, sometimes, months while serving the nation. Marrying a defence personnel comes with a price tag, she feels, as she concedes that the distance, more than anything else, makes you go weak from inside, making you worry about the well being of the person besides not letting you concentrate on anything but the person. 

Frankly, I never took those stories too seriously; heck, I mostly listened to those seeing how excited my mom was to share all of her experiences with me. Amongst all the stories that she had to tell, letters was a common aspect that she used to focus on. Letters, according to her, took a week to reach the recipient and thus, left the sender guessing why and what she was talking about two weeks back when she would finally receive a response to the same.

My fiancé-to-be has just come back from England, a place where he feels his heart lies. While he was away for 1.5 months, I found myself right there, in the shoes of my mom, living all the stories she'd told me, as if they all were scripted considering me as the protagonist. The only difference here was the fact that it was way easier for me to communicate with him; thanks to the ICE age we dwell in.

This communication was one of the reasons why I feel I have visited London myself; my eyes, it looked, were roaming around with my body being very much sedentary. Now that he is back, his homecoming has brought a lot of reasons to jump around with joy and make merry—the GIFTS that I have been pampered with. I feel I have been adequately compensated for all the worry, anxiety, concern and most of all, well-wishes I had invested in him for all the time when he was away. 

Here is a glimpse of all his love wrapped in lovely gifts.

That's a jacket he's brought for my brother.

That's the kind of bag I'v always wanted to have.

Loads and loads of delicious chocolates :)

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