Sunday, May 21, 2017

Fathers must be Aliens!

I remember mine didn't say a word when the world questioned me, but lost his wits when I came home late,
He forgot to have me learn how to cook, but appreciated every amoeba-shaped chapati I cooked,
He never forced me to live by his dreams, but I always found him backing me for mine,
He never shed a tear when my mom cried every day days before I wed,
But couldn't help take his handkerchief out when I was finally saying bye,
He never drafted the design of the life manual for me, but cried with me every time I failed,
He would never express himself out in the sun, but the fact that he's happy would make the world spin faster,
He wouldn't know personally the people I loathe, but he would become my mirror the moment he would see them first,
Fathers must be aliens, for they just don't behave the way normal people do,
They become the wind beneath the wings and also the storm, because that's what they do! 

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