Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You know me how!

Have you ever adopted a plant or a pet? If yes, you will better comprehend what I am trying to put forth. Witnessing a life grow in front of your eyes is an experience of a lifetime. And if you have a sibling, who is about the same age as yours, you might as well accuse me of copying your thoughts and putting into words.  

Reaching at this point in life, where the meanings of most of the words don’t actually remain the same and it’s the tone in which you say them what actually counts, when the pitch of your voice unknowingly reflects your mind and your acts need to be moderated aptly before they are being exhibited, I have felt a coldness creeping down my spine each day as I’ve stepped closer to being a young adult.

Spilling out my sentiments has never been this tough, as all I am feeling is a sudden dearth of words and an almost choked mind. Sharing a lifetime — the best part of our lives, when the life itself does not seem more than a word, when tough is tying the laces of shoes, doing one’s homework, preparing for exams, convincing parents to give a 5-rupee note, asking for ten more minutes to sleep, playing for an hour more, when fear is of not doing the homework, of being caught lying, of scoring low, of mysterious ‘ghosts’, of not being with each other, of getting scolded; the golden era when we actually break the cocoon of innocence and venture into adulthood, from just liking to crush, infatuation and love, from school dress to branded clothes, from a transparent relationship to a more so a translucent one — can be summed up in no other word than ‘magic’. The feeling transcends all other types of emotions in the world.

All that I fear is things just might not remain the same, say after a couple of years. But I am happy to have a person with me who knows me more than anyone else in this world, who I have literally grown up with, who has seen me crack from a seed and finally become a fruitful tree, who has been there like a roof, a shield and who has stood by like a true ELDER BROTHER. No matter what life makes us face tomorrow, I pray that the love between the siblings remains as fresh, as immaculate, and as overwhelming as it has always been.

PS: I am really sorry for an emotional one, but that’s me *rolling tearful eyes* J
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