Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shortcut to an addiction called fame!

While I was checking out today’s newspaper so as to quench my thirst for some real fascinating piece of news which I can gossip out throughout the day with my closed ones, something in there got my vision stuck. I was plainly amazed to acknowledge the work of some anonymous person getting his work registered in the front page of the national dailies while leaking out the inside stuff of Kolkata Knight Riders. Well, this anonymous claims to be the 16th player of the team and says that he is using the “blog” medium to lent out his frustration over the stuff happening there.
No matter who he is, how is he doing such an insane act with such great spotlessness, what does he wanna prove with this act, why is he as a “fake IPL player” trying to ruin down the repo that the team has or anything else, the heart of the matter is that he has got all eyes across the globe popping out and striving to hear more out of his blog. He has no doubts, secured millions of fans across the planet and has become a ROCKSTAR if we go by the words of the youth.
Well, this addiction to catch attention is indeed spreading in a killing way and has finally been converted into a slayer disease. Remember, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Bunty aur Bubli or Die Hard 4? Perfect examples of the craving for fame. So, one more milestone unturned.
One things for sure, by leaking out the insidies of KKR in a die hard hilarious manner, this IPL anonymous has totally bowled over all the techies out there and so easily dug up what exactly he was looking for, THE FAME!!!


Unknown said...

That's what we call a "media stint". The story so successfully made news and that's media people as well as the common man wants- spice in life!

Unknown said...

Nice Flair by the way.

Ariana Wood said...

Very thhoughtful blog

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