Monday, October 18, 2010

Air Force Day!

A sense of exuberance gushes through my veins even today when my mind takes me back to that top-drawer day when I found myself charmed enough to be a part of the Indian Air Force Day. While Indian Air Force was celebrating its 78th birth day, I was busy doodling castles in the air, mesmerised enough to be alert. Still can’t judge what drives me to the aura, the heart of the matter is that there’s something veiled in the air of Defence Organisations which just holds my foot firm enough, making me completely unable to move or leave that place.

The foot taps and the loud and bold drum beats of the Air Force Jawans passing by me parading all through the huge Air Force Ground actually made my heart thump in their tunes. The ceremonial Air Force Day Parade commemorated the occasion or rather the event dipped in the colours of patriotism and wrapped in Indian flag, to be precise. Well, I dare admit that I could recollect the left-right-left nonsense which we, as kids, used to do in our school days but their march was indeed live example of synchronisation and discipline in acts.

The commentator of the event announced that now, Air Chief Marshal PV Naik would review the parade. My impish mind immediately wondered if he is going to come carrying a hunter jawing a toothpick in his mouth and reiterating the famous Sholay dialogue, Kitne aadmi the? But extinguishing my astonishment, he did not.

Moving further, I grabbed this piece of info that Air Force Parade is conducted every year to publicly pledge the continued dedication of the IAF in its service to the nation and to reassure all countrymen of its vitality and preparedness. The Air Force Day is celebrated to mark the significance of the Day (October 8, 1932) when the Act to establish the IAF came into effect. Significantly, this day also marks the commissioning of the first six IAF Officers.

Lastly, the most awaited act of the day, the air show, took away everyone’s breath. First the sky divers, then the Air Warrior Drill Team and lastly a breathtaking air show showcased the capabilities of IAF. I found the Sarang Helicopter Aerobatic Team and the Surya Kiran Aerobatic Team to be the Masters of all.

And so, with lots of exuberance and ebullience, the day lost its existence, but only in the physical terms as it is still alive in my mind and flows through my veins as a fact of being a passionate Indian and a dream of being one of those who don’t consult their calendars or watches when it comes to serving to their nation!

Standing Ovation to the Spirit!

After all,

Lucky are those who live for the nation
But blessed are those who die for it!


priyamvada said...

good one...saw in bits n pieces on dd :-(....

Cheena Chopra said...

You certainly missed d fun vada!

ashutosh kuamr gupta said...

This made me remember my childhood days, when my dad was in IAF. Those air shows were awesome. And let me tell you a fact about the air show that IAF is among the only three Air forces in the world whose aerobatics team can fly 9 air crafts at a time.
Your own picture depicts what i am saying over here.

Cheena Chopra said...

Hi Ashutosh!

Though this post is really old, it's so easy for me to remember the AFD I attended. I guess all defence kids are special, thanks to our dads!

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