Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We Feel Home with You!

When initially being taught about brand equity and brand loyalty in Advertising classes back in college, I used to crack my brain thinking when and why would one become brand loyal, knowing the fact that there are several other brands with matching or better qualities squalling for his attention? Why and how could one get used to a particular product despite the imperfections, that it becomes easier for her to loose her swain but not the product!

Well, the mystification now seems to have been melting away and I find self to have become a live example showcasing that it does happen!

Kaun Banega Crorepati!!

When a contestant, while being introduced, would mellow dramatically say to Amitabh that “aap se mil ka mera sapna poora ho gaya” or “hum dus saal se is show me aana chahte the” or an exaggerated version, “aap se mil liye matlab bhagwaan se mil liye”, I would actually feel like puking! Heights of Public Display of Emotions!

But what remains the heart of the matter is that Amitabh Bachhan has carved a niche and set a firm place for himself in the minds of the audiences who do not want to listen any stammering voice in place of his bold and majestic one. In fact, if we go by statistics, the third season of Kaun Banega Crorepati suffered an all-seasons-low TRPs! We dare not say that this happened by chance!

The fact to be conceded is that we feel home with Mr. Bachhan. If the signature tune of the KBC does not conclude with his royal voice embracing our ears saying “Namaskaar Deviyon aur Sajjano”, our ears absolutely don’t find their way to salvation! The feeling of having defeated the daily-soap strife so as to eat the general knowledge pie dipped in chocolate of occasional humor. A strange-but-good thing is that brand loyalty does not happen knowingly. It silently embeds in one's DNA, making him feel addicted to the thing he loves being in touch with. 

Time to confess... we, indeed, have become used to AB’s persona that claims to be the boss of KBC.

We, sure enough, have become brand loyal, hands down!


Prashant said...

Am confused.....are we talking about brands....or are we talking about Mr. Bachchan...Help me out...please......To help you out...Have you ever heard about 'Classical Conditioning'?...'Pavlov's theory'?.....Will tell you all about it :)

To confess :- We get brand loyal because we start identifying some bit of the product, or maybe some part of the brand bring out the hidden desires...or some part brings out that fantasy....a good bike ad...brings the glamour of biking....a good advertisment of toothpaste brings the happy feelings....same goes for an ad which is emotional....like 'Raymonds'' which touches your heart somewhere, coz its straight out of normal world bringing out those human feelings...

Cheena Chopra said...

I am talking about both the brands as well as Mr Bachchan.
Yes, I have read about Pavlov's theory, but not in that detail. In fact, I cant even relate that to what I have talked about in the blog. I think I need to polish my facts. Thank you for the insightful addition to my blog!

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