Friday, November 19, 2010

The Fear of Non-existence

Do you know what knocks down a modern thinker and an urban dweller’s soul, especially if that soul resides in a female body? Its not the fear of some deadly animal like dinosaur, who might anytime come into the picture since we know that they have been there some where in history, all thanks to Steven Spielberg, or the fear of being married to a broke or an ugly man, or the major and grimmer ones… pimples, the other girl’s beau being more desirable, appearing as a butterball in public or what not!

Ahh… I think these all have been outmoded and a new fear which has sprouted, with due regards to certain adverse circumstances, is the fear of non-existence! This fear is eating away the feminine brain. Nowadays, a stretched arm to father, brother or spouse is next to experiencing a nightmare!

Thanks to fire that the concept of gender equity has fueled, the fair sex now can’t survive with a subordinate treatment. Slipping through ages, woman has never shared a parallel space with man and such is the outcome of ages of maltreatment that woman now stands for herself, without feeling the need of asking the other gender to do so. Be it in pain, in happiness, while winning, after losing, having survived or have lost, woman has learnt to be there for herself.

The heart of the matter is that the even the masculine sex now feels and understands the call of the hour, i.e., its-securer-to-bow-or-loose-your-job!

Watch out in any aspect of city life and you would be witnessing the male extending his arm for help in some or the other sphere of daily chore, be it at home or at work.

The topic to burn your brain on is when and how this massive change crept in that the gender once being associated with egotism, rawness, uncivil behavior, forthright position, authoritarian way of living, and always-right mental attitude is now finding pleasure in being called chivalrous, caring, cooperating, and to top them all, tender!

Towing it on a grimmer note, this has surely added immense pressure on female’s shoulders to outperform each time she is in the arena so as to escape being a matter of mockery by the counter sex. No wonder why females are chucking out males in all the top positions, because the fight is no more with them but with self. The fear of non-existence and the feeling of ending up being a dot if life would let be inside the four walls is horrifying each city girl today.

May be, that is why we find maximum number of girls moving out of their homes in the morning carrying their bags on the shoulders and an attitude to kick all the jackasses who dare to come in the way in their minds!

Thankfully, these winds of change bringing the phenomenal shift in attitudes have also brought along the realization of self-strength, self-confidence, faith, and confidence on self-capabilities by the female. No wonder, this could have happened way long back, but never mind, finally, the arena is ours!


Searching my soul said...

Going by what you have written....the fear of non-existence should now be shifting to the male of the species....because you yourself admit that now females are everywhere, leading the males in all the spheres :)

Well, you are correct, now the females should be really scared of non-existence of males, in the near would be an all female army everywhere, like those comics which we used to read :) (I remember both Phantom and Flash Gordon have been to such lands...and Garth too) :)

On a serious note, I do not think that the situation had ever reached such proportions where it can be equated to the fear of non-existence, not at all. Whenever you look at, whether in majority or minority, there have been female figures around, who have commanded respect and have been popular/famous and are known today. Look around and you will be able to know, in all arenas...What would you call a Martina Navratilova or a Steffi Graff ; or a certain Mrs. Margaret Thatcher ( I am not even talking about the Queen :) ) Mrs Indira Gandhi, Ms. Sarojini Naidu, Ms. Annie Beseant, Mother Teressa, Marilyn Monroe, Eva Gardner, Whitney Houston, Madonna....i are underestimating your kinds :) These ladies had the capability to take away the platform from the other gender :)

Cheena Chopra said...

@PJ: The fright is not packeted in whether we, as a species, exist or not but it is in the feeling whether we will be able to stand head-to-head with the couter sex. There's no provision of being shrinking violet!

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