Sunday, March 6, 2011

You know "he" loves you when...

An anecdote of my comprehension, and of course, the fact that imagining things always helps realizing them soon and no matter what, consider yourself lucky if you have been or are a part of a woman’s universe ;)

Though the word "love" brings about a surfeit of emotions in my brain, the auricle concerned with the feelings is still waiting for my Mr. Right to read this and react! :)
So, how do I make my packet of wisdom authentic? Well, my years of Hindi + English movies experience, Balaji Telefilms, my friends who have so-frequently been in and out of love and lastly, me! Can’t I have feelings, eh?

So, here’s how it goes. You know he loves you when:

• He gives you a title while introducing you to others; for instance, my girlfriend, so as to give away clear signals to others to keep a distance from
• He avoids taking calls, in fact, ends up rejecting most of them
• He appreciates you, no matter how bad you look, even on your bad hair days
• He doesn’t say a word when you hit him and outcries a lot when you wipe where you hit
• He understands what you meant by those incomplete sentences
• He even understands the stuff which you say when you yawn and finds it to be perfectly fine

• When he messages you saying he’s already missing you shortly after the date
• He sees you soon after you wake up in your dirty shorts and half torn shirt and still loves you to the core
• He knows when to let go and when to hold you tight
• He accepts instead of except
• He cares for you more than he does for himself
• He relies on flowers and cards just to “sorry”
• He would cook for you and rub your back even if he had a real bad day at office
• He doesn’t care what his friends has to say about you
• He would buy you feminine things and still not feel embarrassed doing that
• He lets you sleep on his chest even if this keeps him awake
• He finds your weird ways of saying that you love him “cute”
• He makes you a part of his important and not-so-important decisions
• He scolds you only to make you smile again
• He rests his arms on your shoulders only to express that he’s there
• He does not mind holding your bag in public
• Neither he minds shedding tears while admitting that he loves you
• He remains there to help you out in suggesting ways to fight bad asses at work
And lastly, he makes it a point to read all your stupid blogs :)

Though it may sound really schmaltzy, but hell ya… what’s wrong! Being a part of woman’s everlasting and unconditional love does not come easy, does it? Every man knows when a woman loves him. She would celebrate his success and would stand by him in failures, talk to him until there’re no more words left to say, encourage him when he feels directionless, never leave his side when he’s sick or alone, laugh with him when he feels happy, cook for him and smoothen out all the rough juts only to make his life appear more comfortable!

Though this blog may come as a surprise to many, this is mere sporadic ooze from the pump situated somewhere top left in my rib cage! :)


Anshul said...

You seem to know a lot !!!!
INNOCENCE is reflected all the way in the write up.....
Keep it up..

Cheena Chopra said...

@Anshul: Thanks for your comments. One obviously observes and learns!

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