Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reality frightens, does it?

Read this: We have more than 750 million active users on facebook, more than 100 million active users on Orkut, and more than 190 million users on twitter today! What’s absurd with the real world that intellects today fear to tread on it and rather find the virtual space cozier? I guess reality frightens, does it?
Feel this: Things across decades are becoming chokingly difficult to fight off. Talk about any issue which matters to a layman and you would surely find it strangulating him to death. Be it defining his space in the office, sticking to the chair given to him poking into all the pairs of eyes staring at it, living up to the expectations of several people, recovering from the aftershocks of ever increasing prices or getting his kids admitted into some nice school, things are certainly no more a cakewalk.

Realize this: The fact that virtual space does not ask a person to dress well and look perfect, the number of zeros in his salary cheque, the problems he faces every day and how a big loser life makes him feel he is, virtual space is indeed bringing a lot of solace to every one. People might end up being totally insular and would not need anything except for their comp or tablets to spend some good time, the heart of the matter is that the concept has engulfed the globe and, trust me, it’s indeed too late to get rid of it.

And why not catch it by the collar if it makes one shut himself from the troubles he faces out in the real world? He now is so addicted to his virtual space that he anyhow manages to steal a moment to check any updates or any new scraps, any mentions or retweets, any tag or any new photo upload.

The crux is that the virtual space is any day more assuasive. It makes one shed the burden that real life makes him carry all the time. It’s like insulating oneself in a room with no one eyeballing him.

Keeping an eye on the increasing popularity of networking on virtual space, I sense that the era of identity crisis is not that far!

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