Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Everything but Life!

I can quote myself as a classic example of a girl who has lived the best part of her life being a city girl, but could never imbibe what the city air carries with it, what it is loosely known for, the “modernity”. Having stepped out of the student life and entered the shoes of a professional, I finally grabbed a chance of moving out of the city on an “official trip” sans the parental guidance and supervision. The city was none other than the city of joy, Kolkata.

This experience brought about a superfluity of emotions wrapped in a nice, bewitching wrapping of being “independent”! I had Googled out a lot about the place where I was supposed to stay and the must-visit places around it. While building castles in air thinking about my future trip and breeding thousands of butterflies in my stomach, I carried that pseudo, expressionless face all the time at home so as to show to my parents how sad I was about the thought of going alone and the compulsion and urgency of the project I was supposed to cover there.

Time flew and the day finally arrived when I had to step out of the home bidding adieu to every one close. I dare say that when I came back home having intimately seen Kolkata, I was changed. For now, I knew what living alone looked like.

I got my hands on almost everything what Kolkata has been gaining fame for, be it puchkas, Bengali sarees, leather products, Park Street, New Market, Eden Gardens, Hotel Floatel, Belur Math, Fort William Stadium and last but never the least, Hotel Oberoi.

Though, what I liked the most was the starry treatment, the fun-filled four days and friends, who’d been as crazy possible sans their particularly corporate skin, what I appreciated the most completely diverges from what I find hip-yet-so-not-hip thingmajigs.

When we stepped out of our hotel so as to board a bus, I saw a couple, hand-in-hand, carrying their one-year old. The special thing in this scene was while it was a working day, the couple found time for their family pushing the day to day chores at bay. Amusingly, they seemed way too happy doing that. The woman was dressed in a typical Bongo woman wear, further bejeweled with a shaka pola and vermilion. The view itself raised goosebumps, kicking off a lot of good vibes.

The thing that inspired me was simplicity, commitment and nevertheless, veraciousness in conduct. This is precisely what I find nonexisting in my forward-looking state, and this is what I believe everyone yearns for!

Overall, this indeed was a wonderful trip to get back to, where I amassed lots of memories to hold dear. Lastly, I would like to share some of my reminiscences wrapped up in classic examples of amateur photography! :)
The view outside Oberoi

 Hotel poolside
 Howrah Bridge
 Vidyasagar Sethu
 Belur Math
 Boats in the River Hooghly
Finally, the room!


Expert Squad said...

nice blog cheena. the way you described your first official trip of kolkata.while i was reading it found i'm also there in kolkata.

Cheena Chopra said...

Thanks for your comment, Saket. Do keep visiting.

www.charcoalspastelsandmore.blogspot.in said...

Very well written article. Enjoyed reading it.

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