Sunday, April 1, 2012

The New-Age Protagonist

I have seen people who revel in Hindi cinema more than they do in anything else. They have spent all their lives swearing by the fact that the hero is the protagonist and he has to beat off the villain and his aides by the end. He has got to be the man with real sense of responsibility, humor, care towards others and fear of god.

The so-called male protagonists are so easy to be spotted amongst the crowd; for they are the ones who never turn their eyeballs to a hot chic passing by; they always abide by norms and regulations of all the possible laws in the world, including fundamental laws of Somalia; they always end up fighting away a bunch of villain’s aides despite their 32-inches-sized chest or lack of any possible knowledge on martial arts; they respect their parents heck lot and end up tracing them (if have had parted) by the climax despite them being in different continents; and they are easily provoked by their favorite antagonist, leading them to activities like punching hard or spicy arguments.

Thus, these people define their recipe of a ‘hit’ movie. For them, if any of the above clauses misses, the movie doesn’t do well in the box office. Well, I bet say that I have discovered a lady who is so gracefully defending the current trend and is still making a lot of name and fame for herself—the lady who is so seamlessly attracting eyeballs that she has become a hot favorite without anyone really realizing that; the lady who has given birth to an offbeat cinema which has, as a matter of fact, been loved by everyone including critics; the lady, none other than Vidya Balan.

Giving a knuckle sandwich to all those who relied on Khans and Kapoors to make a movie hit, Vidya has shown to the world how the sole content-oriented subject can make news as well as money. Having watched both her movies in which she has acted protagonist (The Dirty Picture and now, Kahaani), Vidya has given way to a new age, female-protagonist era. For some reasons, I am welcoming this era with open arms, as I don’t have to rely on the senseless romance or meaningless act-and-take-revenge stories for good entertainment.

Strangely, I am not a PR executive of Vidya who is getting heftily paid for building her image or a die-hard fan who is extremely ignorant to her flaws. I am not even a film critic who is susceptible to nuances and can easily catch any aberration. I am just a lover of good cinema who would surely demand full worth of my money, time and emotions invested in a movie. And for a change, I totally admire this wind of change!


LeoPaw said...

And that s the change we were all awaiting. And if this can give us excellent movies like these two, I warmly welcome the change.

Cheena Chopra said...

Thanks for your comments, Leo Paw.
I totally second your opinion. I so eagerly look forward to many such worthy movies.

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