Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Daddy Was a Thief

I have challenged myself to complete a blog in half an hour – a ‘first’ in my life. I guess I want to give a new dimension to 2014 by filling this year with a series of many ‘firsts’ – things I have never tried before. So, this is one THAT thing I would want myself see doing.
I am digging into my own life to look for something worth sharing – which could be my one great writing and your one great read. Alright, what better than this new game that I have downloaded from Android store – Daddy Was A Thief!
I know the name is extremely funny and suspicious, too, but this game is surely worth a download, two hours of casual playing as long as it continues to entertain you and kill your spare time and lastly, an uninstall, too. That’s what Angry Birds did to us, right? We all have had enough of it till it started to taste stale!
So, Daddy here gets pinkslipped, seen with the harsh “You’re FIRED” letter from his boss, doesn't think anyone would give him another job now that he is out of work and further thinks of robbing a bank for he worries about the survival of his “boodhi ma and kuwaari behen” J How I wonder these guys are least concerned about their own selves but their families.
Anyway, he jumps off, having robbed a real big bank (exactly like the one we saw in Dhoom 3), from the rooftop on to a building and THERE, your role begins. Apparently, it’s YOU who has to save daddy from being caught or worse, from being dead. So, you help him break his way, apartment by apartment, to a lower floor, so as to reach his way to the ground so he could catch his way back home. These floors are worse than that of the buildings we find in Mumbai or Old Delhi – Daddy just has to jump hard to break them – eh?

Anyway, the houses are equally funny, with a grandma, with exceptional martial arts skills, moving across any single floor, a bored man fiddling with a TV remote which apparently passes current and might possibly kill Daddy if he comes in the middle of the TV and the remote – well, who cares about that ugly, bored man J – and a few policemen wandering inside the houses.
I wonder what made the game developer slate the game's name in past tense, for every time you play this game, Daddy turns into a brand new thief – a fresh pinkslip, fresh wounds, fresh robbery and fresh motive to cause mega destruction and fresh struggle to find his way out of this sky-kissing building. Step into the shoes of Daddy who would never be a proven thief if he never gets caught.
No, this is not a promotion campaign that I am running to promote this game. I am admitting you might find it extremely boring or rather cold if you play a lot of similar games on your android device but this game has apparently got a decent rating (4.5) and cool number for downloads (close to 10 millions). So, as I said worth an evening’s play and worth THAT uninstall if you think watching Aravind Kejriwal on TV is far better than playing this!

And yay! I successfully completed a 30-minute blogpost J
Cheers amigos for reading this!  

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