Thursday, August 14, 2014

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Here, truth unleashed by a person who has actually been there, done that – a Delhi girl who had all her ancestors living and dying on this very soil and, thus, who knows it the best hands down. I am sure people like Honey Singh or amateur video film makers, who have been living in a virtual world of envy and covetousness, and their blasphemous productions in terms of music or videos, which went viral online, have conveyed the message entirely wrong and have ended up giving out a message which only compares to BS.

The reason why they find this subject worthy enough to ponder on is a proof enough that they just cannot kick Delhi girls out of their “small town” mind, which fits nothing right except for regrets of not being able to match up.

Fact check: we laugh, not giggle, when we see all those extremely amateur videos describing us and our ways and we sincerely wish speedy recovery of all those behind the scenes!

Plot Twist: During our catchups with friends and family, we discuss how these feeble-minded fellas have no clue how they are imposing their seriously flawed opinions about Delhi girls on people absolute strangers to them. They actually appear aliens to us, with zero sense of environment, class and substance.

Here’s why Delhi girls pay no attention to the crap ‘migrants’ spill about them:

1.   For us, absence of acknowledging class measures to having no class. Blame it on your taste if you don’t know why we spend a lot.

2.   “Maine aape ae kamayi, mainu daddy ne ni ditti”. Living in the land of opportunities, we have inbred feelings regarding earning and spending, despite the fact that our dad is filthy rich.

3.   You call it blabbering, we call it communicating. We love to speak and this bears no business with any third person whatsoever.

4.   Being a trophy wife is for losers! A Delhi girl knows how to earn every inch of respect she gets.

5.   Being educated is a dream for you? We spare you for that. We have been living the best of our lives amongst technology, media, Internet and all other first-hand pleasures you could only ambition about.

6.   Polygamy. A serious misconception about Delhi girls among people who don’t belong here. If your partner dumped you for being incapable, you don’t have to air any of YOUR generalized misconception about us. May be you were a born loser; may be, you deserve a nag, a dictator or a robot – surely not anyone who uses her brain.

7.   Metro, traffic signals, driving, shopping alone, gym, clubs, cafés, weekends, outings - all are NOT a big deal for us. No, we are not scared of doing all this alone. Babysitters are for serious losers!

8.   Opportunistic - nice way to hide your incapability to match her and her standards.

9.   Outwardly outspoken and selfish: being in a relationship doesn’t make us any bonded labor. We have a life beyond the relationship; our friends. Difficult to digest for you? We have railways and flights plying back to your town every hour! 

10. Attitude problem. Ohkay! This sounds li’l amateur to us. Ignoring you could have as a simple underlying implication as disliking you.

11. And to sum it all up, stop categorizing, please! Girls from Delhi smoke, drink, party all night, bed everyone, spend a lot, are impolite, are anti-social or are opportunistic are a few ideas people might have wrong implications about. Remember what Jacques Couture once said?  

Welcome to a cosmopolitan city!

 Have you ever heard us talk about paranoiacs from UP or behenji’s from Haryana? Yes. That. We hate being categorized on the filth someone else spills. Understood? #Kthanksbye
Very Simple!


Alok Vats said...

That's a wonderful post Cheena :) Truly and super like it. Whatever you said about the girls of Delhi are all correct. :)

Cheena Chopra said...

Thank you, Alok. I'm glad a boy agrees to what's being said. Do keep visiting. :)

Anonymous said...

Too bad the woman or the girl wont be a doormat or would speak back if not shout, when something wrong happens.
Am so proud to be that rude, impolite and brash Delhi girl

Anonymous said...

very cool post - commenting again cause earlier post came as anonymous. also i see we share the love for reading and rujuta diwekar. yay,

Cheena Chopra said...

Wow! I am glad to meet a new blogger friend! Let's keep in touch :)
Thanks for your lovely comments and
Congratulations on your wedding (Gosh! there's so much to cheer about!)

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