Monday, January 12, 2015

I Love My Earphones Plugged, Anyway

So, here it goes. I am not a crazy music lover, a person who spends the best part of his day listening to beats, catching hold of the lyrics. Music is a thing which comes as rather an opportunity to me. While listening to the radio, news, sitcoms or while travelling, I might just run into some good music being played in the background that would pull me by my collars and cast a spell right there. This point on would initiate an irritating, sometimes insatiable, urge to know that song and to have it loaded in my iPod. Genres, singers, instrumentation, formats or styles – nothing really governs my playlist.

I remember one friend asking me if I listened to country music and all I could do was scoff at the thought of sticking to one kind of music for all my life. My playlists might have the slowest songs ever sung by anyone, to a wacky Bhojpuri number I might have stumbled upon at a crazy pajama party with friends.

The best part about my this love for music I would lovingly call as ‘cosmopolitan’ is that I enjoy the silence they leave behind, when they end. I would listen to one song on repeat mode for half a day and, then, decide to not repeat it finally and, still, keep the earphones plugged in my ears hours afterwards. I love the fact that my earphones do not decide to jump off my ears having played the same song for hours; thinking good of me, they would still fight off the noise outside to enter my ears and spoil the sweet residue the song just played has left in my ears and a bit in my brain. The headphones: they also do to my ears what quilt does to my body in winters: provide a warm hug and just be there, holding the warmth. So, while listening to a song I discovered on radio a couple of days back on my iPod, I realized how I love this physical object which has become as good as an extension of me. Playing music or not, I so love my earphones plugged, anyway!

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