Saturday, August 27, 2016

Safe, Says Who?

It was back in time when while strolling down a busy market street, a man half-drunk snatched her gold chain, the one she had bought right after she’d started to earn. While crying far too loud for everyone to notice, she realized how she had contemplated this can ‘never’ happen with her – the news, the incidents friends recalled, the headlines in the newspapers – all of it seemed to be pronouncing another planet’s situation, until that one day.

Precisely this. On one of the evenings while coming back from a party which ended a little late, but not that late to call it ‘really late’, she had to wait tad too long for an Uber. She had friends accompanying her. Yet, a bunch of men stopped their Eeco right in front of the footpath where they were standing, dragged her in, did all the misdeeds and threw her out right around the next turn. This might be another planet’s horror, another girl’s sorry story – hers was a way better luck, she thought. She was wrong, she realized.

And another. There were thousands of companies being set up every day, thousands getting shut. This game of companies was a part of primetime every alternate day – some stepping up their game in hiring fresh employees while other casting off manpower to feed money up the top management’s arse. 10,000 fired by Cisco, 5,000 by Ericsson, 2,500 by Dell – all of this sounded like some shitty melodrama news channels were playing to set the heartbeat of every person employed out there high, but not her. She was doing fine and her boss was too cool to be true. The work life was going strong and there was no effing reason why she should update her resume on the job portals. Only till that day. 

The last feed. She had a feeling she’s carrying money with her. She thought it will be a good idea to take an auto to reach the venue of her interview on time. She gets lucky to have found one just when she thought she should hurry up. She reaches there just five minutes before the time requested when she took her wallet out to pay the driver. To her surprise, she wasn’t carrying any money; how could she forget buying ice creams from Gyaani’s late the yester night and that she had thought she would take out money from the ATM the next day. There was none in sight right now. All the contemplation of the next act had wasted the precious five minutes. Did she have thousands in her account, yes! Did she have any now when she needed it – this cannot be happening with her!

It’s safe to take all the stories of the mishaps with a pinch of salt, just because our arses were saved from the fire – there wasn’t any close in the first place. But, assuming it will never happen with us is what we call a cocksure attitude. We all are living in a world too fragile to be called safe and the fact that we bear the brunt of each of the forces’ wrath, the destiny being our favorite, is a certificate sufficient enough to ring the bells for us. This girl, a lot like her, always thought she deserved better after all, she’d always been a safe player. Safe, says who?

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