Thursday, January 26, 2017

Chronicles from the Corner Office

This year has started on a great note, ending an ordeal of close to four months. There are times which come like a storm only to clear the mess up, like the days when rains are much desired for the sky to let sunshine in. The year has, indeed, set off taking along introspection, reality-check and, of course, sentience.  

So, here I am, Senior Project Manager in one of the biggest KPOs in India and this position has come after struggle I can’t even begin to write about. The fact learned is that the industry would never be fertile enough for you unless you become a good seed first. Conversely, one should also be cautious to not spread like weed once he gets sown. 
So finally, I breathe a sigh of relief, letting go off all the pain held inside for too long and I cannot thank my stars enough for aligning just in my favor. Let us start Chronicles from the Corner Office where I will be posting random excerpts from the daily routine which my readers will surely relate with. Happy reading!  

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