Tuesday, January 25, 2011

As if this would help…

I am deeply bewildered by the government’s thought of the cabinet reshuffle. This is as good as like… “Ohkay, I have had created enough chaos in the power sector, now let me take charge of the education sector. God save thy soul!

The concept of “cabinet reshuffling” simply transits through my mind without leaving any residue behind. Oh! This was surely an inadvertently shot arrow of rhyme which has coincidentally hit the bull’s eye! The so-blue poet in me!

Anyway, holding the focus of the subject tight, the Indian government has showcased the two perfect examples of its idiocy. The first one being fixing no minimum educational qualifications for the country’s highest strata of jobs and second being this cabinet reshuffle.

Alright this Tom, Dick or Harry has finally accustomed himself to the art of taking care of the urban development aspect of the nation besides easily pocketing bigger chunk of wired papers, and his growth graph shows trembling pace of growth or a drunkard’s path to success, but some motion has been there, or whatever! Now, to gain a drunkard’s pace took this person half of his term.

Can anyone please tell me as to how would this help to the people choking under the reign of this “No-I-am-intelligent-and-I-will-prove-it” minister, was he handed over the petroleum ministry following the damned reshuffle? Nothing, but another half of the term for him to get hold of the basics and for common man to burn his sweat to let the lamp back home lit.

No technical expertise, no educational background, nothing to do with the field, here are the representatives of the so politically motivated democracy of fools and here is the common man, still recovering from the aftershocks!

Onion – 60/kg!


Prashant said...

Well, this has nothing to do with the current blog - in fact it has everything to do with our fantastic blogger here.......Do all of you know that she has been declared 'THE RISING STAR' at the organization she works for........well, she's one real star....my rock star.....buck up Cheena.....the world is yours......congratulations.....keep shining.....keep smiling :)

Cheena Chopra said...

Thankz you Sir! I am happy that I have managed to keep one reader glued to my blog! I hope this interest sustains! :)

N thanx for your wishes... tho "thankx" is a lesser word, i know.

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