Thursday, April 14, 2016

Jumping on the bandwagon

In my too little a life to call an experienced one, I have passed through many such trendsetter phases which were provoking enough to instigate an action out of me. Irrespective of what was responsible for setting the momentum, the consequence always resulted me jumping on the bandwagon.

The earliest one I can recall was taking an engineering entrance exam because it was so much in vogue to overlook and behave you didn’t know. No wonder I did not find even a single fabric in me to tailor myself to the looks of an engineer. God bless that examiner who, also, did not find me good enough to dress like one! Anyway, that was way too back and, of course, I have enjoyed treading on the path lesser opted for.

Following getting educated and starting to earn, there came a phase in life when every social media I was subscribed to was filled with high-definition pictures of pre-wedding photoshoots, wedding capsules, artificially-created, romantic shots, woes-into-vows videos and mushy love messages. Getting married stays so much in fashion while you’re in your 20’s that almost everyone you know is busy finding someone for you who, of course, doesn’t know you (spares off from special convincing). That’s when it struck to my parents, and a little to me, that their daughter now needs to be pushed off this house to find her abode in someone else’s. Funny how things change, the place you have spent all your life growing up stays yours but is no more yours to say. Anyway, the craze stays for some time, until routine sets in and you get used to living with whosoever legal system ties you with.

Time inched a more towards getting older when I was just figuring out the difference between being a part of a family and being a family myself, veering my brain to the sensible path, not the one which looked cooler and trying to act mature while still carrying the same, stupid, unripened inner self. This is the time when things have changed again and something still newer has set its foot in vogue. Everyone I know is once again back in picture to make me meet someone who doesn’t know me (no special convincing here, too). Take a hint!

Well, I shouldn't really blame them, for that is what's happening all around them, and me. I suspect everyone I know is so bloody saving money off using a protection that all that hear from every direction is that I am going to become an ‘aunt’! From people at work to closest of close friends to people I see almost every day to even celebrities, everyone seems to have been bitten by cupid’s stupid cousin who is busy presenting 'maternity time-offs' to girls, especially the ones in my closest social periphery. The happiness, excitement and nervousness these girls feel and what they have conveyed to me is so palpable that I would have immediately jumped on the bandwagon had I been my older self. I look at my pocket, then, and feel buying my dream Thar would be way better a decision for now. It would be hell of a ride, I am sure, but I would still enjoy being a fence sitter for now and revel in being called (with a heavy heart) an ‘aunt’!
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