Monday, July 18, 2011

Accidental Geek

I was one of the kinds who find solace in their li'l ignorant world, free of anyone poking with unheard-of concepts or terminologies, when at work. That was the time when I was an editor – a journal and a book editor. From the time I’d stepped into the shoes of an editor and owned them for about 8 months, I’d started finding warmth in the cozy editor skin, until when, something happened which clicked and changed my life, forever. 

I guess it was the somewhat heavier paycheque, which cost me my favorite pelt. Two words, "New" and "Media" before my old profile, one switch and here I am, an accidental geek.

Call it a boon in disguise or a curse in veil, my new profile doesn’t let me breathe in an unwitting shell. With the clock running fast to strike 6:00 in the evening, I am the one panting heavily asking for some more time to complete my day’s job while others gawk in awe.

The fact that I-will-learn-and-then-do-it attitude has made me start from a scratch in order to get a tighter hold of my chair. Keeping an eagle eye on technology forums, I’ve to constantly hone myself to safely handle the weird questions of my colleagues who think a new media editor is a person from terra incognita who can safely combat a NASA scientist’s or a Google programming head’s doubts.

Fight and make your way out, I once heard some one in some action movie say. Though weird, I can so relate myself with the adolescent in the movie gearing up for his some future fight. My each day, without even a single soupcon of spice, resembles his, the only difference being the fact that I don’t have to stress my body with 100 abdomen crunches to start my day. :)

So here I am, conforming myself in the said atmosphere, making my way out of technically weird situations and calling myself an accidental geek! :)


Rajkamal said...

So wht ur trying to say now whether u like ur job r just acepting the way as it is

Cheena Chopra said...

I have now started loving the skin I am in! :)

AKS said...

New job ??

Anonymous said...

shoki said,"if egg is broken by outside force, life ends. if broken by inside force, life begins.. great things always begin from inside. trust urself

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