Saturday, January 23, 2016

The bottom rung

I once stumbled upon something that has never really left my mind; something which goes like, ‘never feel shy of catching hold of the bottom rung’. I never knew how something I read casually made a permanent home in my subconscious mind. Surprisingly, when I look back on whatever life I have lived till date, I realize I have pretty much followed the formula, knowingly or unknowingly.

I sense what most people escape from doing, after they have lived a certain sort of a lifestyle, is getting back to the basics. It requires true humane in you to first, remember where you have come from, and second, to acknowledge that it was not all that bad.

When everyone dreams of being catapulted to the top, there is still a category of people which is the most talked about and respected all over. These are the ones who did not shy away from taking the first step, the most difficult one, the most daring – the beginning. This lot preferred to be friends with the bottom rung, which could lead them to the top. The mantra all through the journey was to ‘keep upgrading’. From crawling to flying, they closely knew the sorts of obstacles they have fought and the ones they have befriended.

There must be some who would loathe, or rather fear humble beginnings and, then, there is this category which loves taking challenges and starting from scratch, digging the ground to finally unleash the gold. They are the ones who believe, dream, push themselves and make their way along the offbeat paths and they are the ones who compel the universe to conspire for their success.

The idea was to cut the coat according to the cloth, not fearing how one would appear to others, and then to keep on upgrading. This way, the present needs were sufficed and the ones ahead were kept in perspective. I have seen friends fighting really hard with the EMIs which they had to pay for the things they bought just to keep up with the general standards. 

On the other hand, we see big entrepreneurs who do not mind staying in small houses, eating whatever comes their way and concentrating all their energies on their goals. They knew that this bottom rung of ‘beginning’ is what would change their lives for better and it did! This rung proved to be mighty powerful, indeed.
Catching hold of the bottom rung, I find myself, too, moving up the ladder at my own pace. Having recently upgraded from a studio to a way bigger house, I feel befriending the bottom rung was a good decision I made. These days, I prefer going for a small version of anything first, gradually moving my way to the above. This mantra has, in a way, become an epitome of positivity for me, a beam of hope saying there are better days waiting just around the corner!

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Ananya said...

Well written post..
enjoyed reading it !

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Cheena Chopra said...

Thanks, Ananya! I love your blog, too! :)

Team BlogAdda said...

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Cheena Chopra said...

Thanks so much, BlogAdda! It's, indeed, an honor to see your work getting noticed and appreciated. Thanks again! :)

Saket said...

I Like the way you have narrated a thing of common sense, yet found uncommonly- Start small. I Appreciate your views on EMI ridden life. You seem to have right values. Kudos!

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